• Gift Wrapping without Paper

    Gift Wrapping without Paper

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    The history of wrapping paper dials back to 2nd century B.C. in ancient China, where paper was first invented to wrap money and gifts among the government officials. Back then, paper was precious materials made primarily with plants and water, it took time and energy to produce, therefore, it was not something people quickly dispose after single use like how we do today.
  • Gift Wrapping: Bottles and Jars

    Gift Wrapping: Bottles and Jars

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    What are some gifting ideas you have in mind for your friends and family? Ever thought of gifting a bottle of spirits or a jar filled with your famous cookie mix recipe? Filling up a jar of your favorite unique snacks can be an option for those of you who love to send a personally put-together gift.
  • Furoshiki 101: Finding the Best Size

    Furoshiki 101: Finding the Best Size

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    Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cultural art dating back to the Nara period (AD 710 to 794). Furoshiki is a Japanese fabric that is square in shape, traditionally made with cotton and printed with Japanese motifs on both sides. Furoshiki can also be used as an action verb: to Furoshiki means to wrap an object in the Furoshiki style. 
  • Easy Way to Furoshiki a Face Mask without Sewing

    Easy Way to Furoshiki a Face Mask without Sewing

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    We are not experts in the medical field, but we have done some research, and found there are effective homemade mask options we can all make ourselves, without needing to sew or to use any mask patterns. Effectiveness tests done by Smart Air, a company specialized in air filters, Can DIY Masks Protect Us from Coronavirus, indicates the effectiveness of a cotton fabric based mask.
  • How to Gift Wrap without Tape and Scissors

    How to Gift Wrap without Tape and Scissors

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    When it comes to gift wrapping, we often go with beautiful gift wrapping paper that mostly goes to waste after a single use. 
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