Celebrating Earth Day 2021


celebrating earth day

The place we all live on, called the Earth, has her own special day every year to remind us busy individuals how she has been doing, and what she needs from us to continue providing us the shelter we all need. You know, like a family.

What is Earth Day? Learn more from the official Earth Day Organization

Many of us have heard of Earth Day, but what's the meaning behind it all, and why should you or I care about it? Well, turns out some people on earth love our planet and care so deeply about her well-being, they decided that others should too! To be clear, Earth Day is not for celebrating the birth of Earth; it's actually an educational day. Gaylord Nelson, a United States Senator, proposed to mark this day as the nationwide environmental teach-in day, back in 1970. Long history to it, but it's real, look it up!

The ultimate test of a man's conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard. - Gaylord Nelson

As we know, there are always at least two sides to everything - what we hear and see may or may not be the truth. Who knows? But if you have first-hand experience and engagement with nature herself, you know she is mighty and is communicating with us every single day, just not verbally, but in a universal dialog that every one of us can understand through fact based scientific studies.

Environmentalism is the qualify of life. - Tia Nelson

Ever since the start of Earth Day on April 22nd, 1970, a lot more curious humans became more knowledgeable about the Earth, and its relation to our existence. Our awareness and compassion towards our surrounding home became a place we wanted to care about, and for that reason, we care for our neighbors, the local businesses, and the community as well. The ground on which we have left our footprints contributes to a legacy that is worth to be remembered for future generations to learn about and continue building stories. So why not lift each other up a bit with some supportive love?

A recent death of a whale had shown us ocean pollution is one of the causes of its death. Learn more from this article by the Earth Day Organization
Beached Whale Found with 220 Pounds of Trash in Stomach

Every year on Earth Day you will hear about events and activities that pop up in your neighborhood or suggestions on what fun things you can do to participate on at your own terms. With the blessing of the world wide web and social media, we now get to see what other counties are doing on Earth Day, and even the kind of initiatives other states have put together. It is an amazing era we all live in today, and we should totally take advantage of it.

Plant a tree today, find an organization near you.

Sutai Bu is based in Los Angeles, in the state of California in the United States. If you are reading this and located somewhere different, here's a direct link from the most recent updates from the official Earth Day organization website on the different types of relevant activities that will be happening, and whom they are hosted by. So if Earth Day has already passed as you are reading this post, you can still look up these hosts and possibly find more info on any upcoming nature related volunteering events you can join.

Activities to do on Earth Day, find a local initiative near you.

In case you are wondering, Sutai Bu is a brand inspired by nature and the people who interact with our products, particularly Furoshiki. It is started by a creator who has a huge passion in doing good for all living beings on earth by consuming right and promoting the benefits through personal interactions with people and online messaging.

The artwork she creates is all inspired by nature and wildlife, with the use of handcrafted techniques with different art mediums and digital tools to create pieces that display vivid colors of hope in any given space. Every print is signed and numbered to show you her attention to the little details every art collector will truly cherish and appreciate. A library of floral art prints is waiting for you to explore, so check them out here.

Artwork translated into an interactive medium that many of us can relate - textile and fabrics. Inspired by the artistic Japanese cultural art of Furoshiki, she opens the square-shaped cloth with a simple message to tell - reuse me, I'm multifunctional. What is Furoshiki? Learn more from this post, or you can explore the topic within our Furoshiki section under our Journal.

By using the remnants that were actually planned for in the designing stage of the production Fursohiki, we turn the original art into accessories that many women love. To further save precious fabrics from going to the trash bin, we make sure we design and produce an accessory that is close to zero waste. Curious to see what we currently have? Check out our Accessory products here.

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