How to Furoshiki Book Cover

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🎬 0:18 What is Furoshiki
🎬 0:57 What is Sutai Bu/ Who is Sutai Bu 
🎬 1:20 The vision of Sutai Bu 
🎬 1:52 How to Furoshiki a Book Cover tutorial begins 
🎬 1:56 What Furoshiki size to use to wrap different size books 
🎬 2:05 What you will need to wrap a book cover 
🎬 2:16 Furoshiki a small book 
🎬 4:57 Furoshiki a medium book

Are you looking for ways to wrap a book without tape and scissors? We’ve got a solution for you! It doesn’t have to be drab like brown paper, and isn’t as wasteful as a plastic cover. And it’s the most eco-friendly way to wrap a book! It’s called Furoshiki, a Japanese cultural art of wrapping things with pieces of square cloth. In fact, Furoshiki book wrapping is just one of the many ways to Furoshiki: you can do gift wrapping, turn it into a tote bag, wrap a bento box, or even do bottle wrapping in any size you want. The options are limitless, and you are going to be surprised how a lost art can make big and small impacts in your everyday life.

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