Easy Way to Furoshiki a Face Mask without Sewing


The wild spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been impacting us globally in all areas of our lives. Since the outbreak, one of the most serious issues among all highly impacted countries has been facing the shortage of N95 masks and surgical masks to supply to our frontline supporters and citizens.

While N95 masks are considered the most effective by the standards at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are other options we can consider, to stretch out the consumption of our limited supplies.

We are not experts in the medical field, but we have done some research, and found there are effective homemade mask options we can all make ourselves, without needing to sew or to use any mask patterns. Effectiveness tests done by Smart Air, a company specialized in air filters, Can DIY Masks Protect Us from Coronavirus, indicates the effectiveness of a cotton fabric based mask.

There are numerous ways you can make a face mask or turn an object into a mask, such as using a bandana or scarf to wrap around your face. But to have it fit nicely, and sit comfortably without it slipping off your face will require some technique, such as sewing an elastic ear loop. What if you don’t know how to sew, or don’t have elastic around the house and can’t buy it because all the stores are shut down during an outbreak?

A Furoshiki mask can be reused over and over again.

In this blog post, we are going to show you a way to Furoshiki a face mask without any sewing, and that fits around your face perfectly. Furthermore, a Furoshiki mask can be reused over and over again – just be sure to wash it thoroughly after use. Each fabric-based mask is recommended to be changed every 3 hours for its maximum effectiveness.

Each fabric-based mask is recommended to be changed every 3 hours for its maximum effectiveness.


  1. x1 of paper towel to use as a disposable filter
  2. x1 of 20” Square cloth, in our example below, we are using our signature Furoshiki Dancing Star, made with 100% Lyocell, a soft and moisture wicking green material.


🎬 0:18 What is Furoshiki
🎬 1:18 Preview of DIY face mask without any sewing
🎬 1:24 Benefits of Furoshiki face mask
🎬 1:39 What you will need to make a DIY face mask
🎬 2:00 DIY face mask tutorial begins
🎬 2:28 How to find the width of face mask
🎬 2:39 How to wear a Furoshiki face mask without sewing
🎬 3:45 How to put in and replace face mask filter without sewing



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