• How Best to Wear our Wired Headband

    How Best to Wear our Wired Headband

    One of the many reasons we created our wired headband is to provide something with tremendous versatility it offers. We wanted to add an accessory to our collection that serves multiple functions, and we’d love for everyone to use it to its full potential! So let’s talk about its structure. It’s made with the remnants of our wrapping cloth and copper wire that is...
  • How to Wear a Face Mask Properly

    How to Wear a Face Mask Properly

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    Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the most discussed topics related to face masks have been – should I wear a face mask? Does a cloth face mask protect me from getting the virus? Where do I get facemasks? How do I make a face mask? And the list goes on. If you’re still looking for answers to all these questions, check out our other two blog posts -...
  • How to Tie an Upright Bow

    How to Tie an Upright Bow

    Learn how to tie a bow that stands upright. A wearable piece of art that can be worn as headband, neck tie, purse decoration, the options are endless! Say goodbye to "headband headache", as this headband is light in weight and holds your hair up by just a couple simple wrap and tie.
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