How to Clean Cloth Face Masks and How Often

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Alright, if you are reading this, you probably already own a reusable and washable cloth face mask. If you don’t already have one, we highly recommend getting one or a few to keep around the house, especially during a virus outbreak like the coronavirus (COVID-19), where N95 and surgical masks are in high demand and in short supply for the frontline essential workers. Note that cloth face masks do not replace the use of N95 or surgical masks; the intent is to prevent ourselves from spreading germs that we may spray out and from inhaling germs from others in close proximity. In addition, it eases the consumption and shortage of disposable surgical masks.

In this blog post, we are going to show you a few tips on how to properly take off a used cloth face mask, and how to wash it thoroughly.


SUTAI BU Face Masks Embrace Universal Features

  • Plastic free (no elastic)
  • Adjustable with the use of ties instead of elastic
  • Full coverage of face with the use of pleats
  • Hidden non-tarnish nose wire to get you the best fit and seal the gap between your face and the mask
  • Zero waste during the production process with no waste left behind.

Each fabric-based mask is recommended to be changed every 3 hours for its maximum effectiveness.


You will want to first wash your hands before taking the masks off your face. Why? To avoid touching your face with a pair of dirty or potentially contaminated hands. Better to be safe than sorry (oops!).

Fabric-based mask is only an alternative option.


For some of us who are just going out for a short period of time, in minimal contact with people, you can reuse the mask for another 2-3 times.

If you are using it for an extensive amount of time (3+ hours), constantly in contact with people, or went out for a jog and sweat in it, you will want to wash it after each use.Ideally, you will want to wash after each use. However, when our time and supplies are limited, we can consider the frequency based on these conditions when each masks is used.

The benefit of using a fabric-based mask is that it can be reused over and over .


Do not touch the surface of the mask, no matter if it’s the inside or outside. Simply take off the ear loops or untie the straps, and set it down or throw it directly into the hamper or garment bag.


Throw used fabric face mask directly into the hamper or garment bag.


Wash your hands before putting on your masks.
This step allows you to be sure your clean mask is not picking up any contaminants on your hands that could transfer to your face while putting it on.

Recommendation on how to wash our mask
Hand wash or machine wash cold with gentle detergent and like colors.* Do not bleach. Drip dry or tumble dry low. Medium heat iron as needed.

Watch Out When Drying and Ironing
If you are using our mask, note that the hidden nose wire we use is non-tarnish, but it’s not heat resistant, so if you are ironing it or throwing it into the dryer, be careful not to burn yourself.

*We recommend putting the mask into a mesh garment bag to protect the straps from getting caught during wash.


Let’s face it, at some point, we will want to take a sip of water or drink that soda you just got from the store. So you will still want to make sure your hands are clean before taking off the mask. 
Simply place the mask (with the outside of mask facing down – that’s the dirty part) on a surface that is clean and can be disposed of or wiped afterward, such as a clean unused envelop, resealable bag, or a piece of clean paper. The goal here is to keep the inside of the mask as clean as possible, and the outside away from additional contamination as much as possible. When you are ready to put on the mask again, be sure your hands are, again, clean!
We hope you find this blog post useful! Share with your friends and family, so they can benefit from this too. Let us know if you have any comments or questions by leaving us a comment below. We’d love to see how you style with our face masks, so tag us on Instagram @SUTAIBU! 
Stay safe and always wash your hands. <3

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